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SHIP: SMALL Honors Internship Program
  • Studies have shown that students who participate as a member of a research team are significantly more likely to pursue an engineering education and ultimately aspire to a career in engineering.
  • In SMALL's outreach activities, a key pedagogical challenge is to motivate young students to become multidisciplinary engineers.
  • This challenge will be addressed through the PI's SMALL (Sensors and MicroActuators Learning Lab) Honors Internship Program (SHIP).
  • As part of the activities for the funded NSF projects, the PI started to operate the SHIP program in his SMALL lab by integrating existing on-campus outreach programs:
    1.  BEAM for K-12 minorities
    2.  INR for K-12 minorities
    3.  CSTEP for college minorities
    4.  International exchange or visiting students.
    5.  Undergraduate students
  SHIP/BEAM Program
  SHIP/INR Program
  • INR for K-12 minorities
  • Sponsored by Internships in Nanomaterials Research, through Prof. David Watson's NSF CAREER Program
  SHIP/CSTEP Program
  SHIP/Internatioanl Program
  • International exchange or visiting students.
  SHIP/Undergraduate Program

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