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Research: SMALL@SUNYBuffalo

  • Test Phantom Finger research for the Ultrasonic and Photoacoustic Characterization of a Biometric System

  • Microfluidic 3D capillary network test phantom

  • Blood vessel phantom microfluidic device for blood pressure monitoring

  • Using microfluidics to optimize self-rplicating RNA lipid nanoparticles for selective targeting and killing of circulating tumor cells

  • Cell-cell adhesion and stem cell fate commitment

  • Development of an instrument for quantitative characterization of behavior of magnetic particles and magnetically-labeled biomaterials in emerging application

  • Droplet-based Microfluidic Separation Technology for High-throughput Magnetic Bead-based Immunoassays 

  • Development of STIM and DATS for Protein and Nanosystem Characterization: co-PI

  • Development of Combinatorial Microfluidic Devices for Stem Cell Applications

  • Design of a Microfluidic Pump Using SQUIGGLE Motor Technology

  • Development of MEMS Based Microfluidic Devices for Biological Target Detection and Sorting

  • Microvalve Investigation and Testing

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